Supported Platforms



This source supports MySQL versions 5.7 and 8.0.

Configuration Table

enable_metricsbooltrueEnable to collect metrics.
username*stringUsername used to authenticate.
password*stringPassword used to authenticate.
endpointstringlocalhost:3306The endpoint of the mysql server.
transportenumtcpThe transport protocol being used to connect to mysql.
databasestringThe database name. If not specified, metrics will be collected for all databases.
collection_intervalint60How often (seconds) to scrape for metrics.
enable_logsbooltrueEnable to collect logs.
enable_general_logboolfalseEnable to read and parse the general log file.
general_log_pathsstrings - \"/var/log/mysql/general.log\"Path to the general log file(s).
enable_slow_logbooltrueEnable to read and parse the slow query log.
slow_query_log_pathsstrings - \"/var/log/mysql/slow*.log\"Path to the slow query log file(s).
enable_error_logbooltrueEnable to read and parse the error log.
error_log_pathsstringsFor CentOS / RHEL: - \"/var/log/mysqld.log\" \nFor SLES: - \"/var/log/mysql/mysqld.log\" \nFor Debian / Ubuntu: - \"/var/log/mysql/error.log\"Path to the error log file(s).
start_atenumendStart reading file from 'beginning' or 'end'.

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