Supported Platforms



Supports RabbitMQ versions 3.8 and 3.9.

The RabbitMQ Management Plugin must be enabled by following the official instructions.

Also, a user with at least monitoring level permissions must be used for monitoring.

Configuration Table

enable_metricsbooltrueEnable to collect metrics.
username*stringUsername used to authenticate.
password*stringPassword used to authenticate.
endpointstringhttp://localhost:15672The endpoint of the Rabbitmq server.
collection_intervalint60How often (seconds) to scrape for metrics.
enable_tlsboolfalseWhether or not to use TLS.
insecure_skip_verifyboolfalseEnable to skip TLS certificate verification.
ca_filestringCertificate authority used to validate the database server's TLS certificate.
cert_filestringA TLS certificate used for client authentication, if mutual TLS is enabled.
key_filestringA TLS private key used for client authentication, if mutual TLS is enabled.
enable_logsbooltrueEnable to collect logs.
daemon_log_pathsstrings - "/var/log/rabbitmq/[email protected]*.log"Path to Rabbitmq log file(s).
start_atenumendStart reading file from 'beginning' or 'end'.

*required field