Google Cloud

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Set up credentials

  1. Enable billing in your GCP project.
  2. Enable the Cloud Metrics and Cloud Trace APIs.
  3. Ensure that your user GCP user has (at minimum) roles/monitoring.metricWriter and roles/cloudtrace.agent. You can learn about metric-related and trace-related IAM in the GCP documentation.
  4. Obtain credentials.
gcloud auth application-default login


  • You can run the collector as a service account, as long as it has the necessary roles. This is useful in production, because credentials for a user are short-lived.

  • You can also run the collector on a GCE VM or as a GKE workload, which will use the service account associated with GCE/GKE.

Configuration Table

projectstringThe Google Cloud Project ID to send logs, metrics, and traces to.
auth_typeenumautoThe method used for authenticating to Google Cloud. 'auto' will attempt to use the collector's environment, useful when running on Google Cloud or when you have set GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS in the collector's environment. 'json' takes the json contents of a Google Service Account's credentials file. 'file' is the file path to a Google Service Account credential file.
credentialsstringJSON value from a Google Service Account credential file.
credentials_filestringPath to a Google Service Account credential file on the collector system. The collector's runtime user must have permission to read this file.